FEMALE – CASTA SITTE is an incredible producer from 160cm jumpers to international through approved stallions. She is coming from INSEL SITTE bloodline the most efficient production in Belgium.
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Oct 7, 2023, 9:30:00 PM

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Embryo location : France


CASTA SITTE is the mother of two 160cm jumpers and breeding stallions, CURTIS SITTE and VATSON SITTE.

She also produced 5 international sport horses.

CASTA SITTE's dam, NIALTA SITTE is OGANO SITTE's sister. OGANO SITTE beeing AGANIX DU SEIGNEUR's father one of the greatter studs providing six 160cm jumpers and eleven approved stallions.



Date of birth 01-01-2024
Gender female implanted embryo
VAT 5.50%


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