FEMALE – CASTILLE DE HUS is QUE BUENO DE HUS a Doha’s GCT finalist mother. She is also the sister of four 160cm showjumpers such as ASKARI which produced DSP ALICE the worldchampion.
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Embryo location : France


Castille de Hus is the sister of 4 x 160cm jumpers :

- Askari (Acord 2 x Lavall I) 

- Asgard (Acorado x Lavall I)

- Carito (Carthago x Lavall I)

- Faust de Hus (For Hero x Lavall I)

Castille de Hus is the mother of 160cm offspring

- Que Bueno de Hus (Canto x Lavall I) : Doha Final with Henrik Von Eckerman


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Castille de Hus comes from an illustrious Holstein family, the stamm 6582 (from which come the famous stallions Calypso I, II and III). Castille, which has devoted itself to breeding, is the worthy heir of this family of champions. His first son is already causing a sensation at the highest level.

A strong family rooted in Holstein

The first dam,  Elypse I, brings together the highly sought after bloodlines of Landgraf I via his father Lavall I and Cor de La Bryere via his mother. She indeed presents a high quality offspring with no less than 3 sons having competed in 160cm classes including the stallion Askari who is the father of the world champion DSP Alice, another proof of the excellent genetics of this family. 
Her 2nd mother Tibris is none other than the full sister of the renowned stallions Calypso I, II and III.
Siring great international performers at the highest level and prestigious stallions, such as the stallion Chin Chin (son of Calypso II), these remarkable genetics are the ones you need if you want to breed a champion.
The future looks bright
Although her descendants are still young, Castille de Hus is in line with his prestigious maternal family.



Date of birth 01-01-2024
Gender female implanted embryo
VAT 5.50%


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