FEMALE - OLYMPIC CORIANA VAN KLAPSCHEUT’s daughter, ILIANA is also the producer of several champions such as MUGANO VAN KLAPSCHEUT performing in 155cm and 3 international showjumpers performing 145cm and over.
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Oct 7, 2023, 8:45:00 PM

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Embryo location : France


The remarkable pedigree of this embryo makes it an exceptional opportunity to seize

ILIANA VAN KLAPSCHEUT (its mother) produced several showjumping sport horses such as MUGANO VAN KLAPSCHEUT an approved stallion currently performing in 155cm events.

CORIANA, ILIANA’s mother performed in the Olympics under Eric Lamaze saddle.  She also produced two 160cm horses and an approved stallion.

All the factors reunited to succeed in showjumping.


Date of birth 01-01-2024
Gender female implanted embryo
VAT 5.50%


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