Unsexed - KENTUCKY GOLD DE MUZE is the daughter of Heroine de Muze.HEROINE DE MUZE produced the superstars LEVIS DE MUZE and the WEG participant NIMROD DE MUZE. KENTUCKY is KIRBY DE MUZE’s full sister, TOP PRICE’s dam a 300 000€ in Lanaken 2022.
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Kentucky Gold de Muze is the daughter of Heroïne de Muze (Excellentia de Muze)

Kentucky Gold de Muze is the full sister of Nimrod de Muze (160cm) + JEM Ehning

Kentucky Gold de Muze is the full sister of Morfine de Muze (160cm)

Kentucky Gold de Muze is the sister of Levis de Muze (160cm)

Kentucky Gold de Muze has an 8 year old daughter performing at 145cm.


The heiress of an imperial family

Heroïne de Muze is a dream mare. In addition to a successful sporting career at the highest international level with the Japanese rider Taizo Sugittani then today with the young Greek Loli Mytilineou, Heroïne de Muze has enjoyed resounding success in the world of breeding. She is now positioned among the best mothers in the world with incredible statistics. Out of 15 offsprings born between 2010 and 2013 (i.e. aged 9 to 12):

  • 5 products stand out in the 160cm Grand Prix (33%)
  • 10 products jump courses ≥140cm (75%)

Heroïne de Muze follows the road to success traced by her mother Excellentia de Muze and her grandmother Narcotique de Muze II. An Imperial dynasty!

Kentucky Gold de Muze places herself as a worthy heiress of this line with the success of her first foal, Diamante Degli Assi, an eight-year-old mare who already performs over 145cm.


The conservation of an exceptional genetic heritage

Daughter of Nabab de Rêve, one of the greatest sires in the history of European breeding, and Heroïne de Muze, Kentucky has all the assets to continue to write the history of this exceptional line. She brings together the great qualities needed to produce show jumping champions!

His first daughter Diamante Degli Assi (only 8 years old) is already racing in international events at level 145cm.


THE MUST HAVE of breeding and sport !


Date of birth 01-01-2024
Gender unsexed implanted embryo
VAT 10.00%


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