MALE - SURPRISE DE BLONDEL is the 16th best broodmare in the world. Eight out of eleven offspring she bred are jumping at an international level, two of them in 160cm events. SNAIKE DE BLONDEL’s sister, himself father of the new European Champion DYNAMIX DE BELHEME.
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Sire : Mosito Van Hellenhof 
Dam : Surprise de Blondel
Date of transfert : 09/07/2023
Date of birth expected : 13/08/2024
Sexing : Male



Name : Histoire du Moulin
Race :  Trotteur Français
Age : 6 years old
Vaccination : 28/10/2022 (next vaccination will be in the end of October)
Location : France

Deposit of 3500€ returns after weaning in good health ans shape.



Surprise de Blondel jumped 140cm (7Yo)

Surprise de Blondel produced 160cm offsprings (X 2)

Surprise de Blondel was ranked as the 16th best mare in World by Hippomundo


Olympic Champeix : The begining of a new amazing line

Olympic Champeix, the Dam of Surprise has already produced

  • 11 products > 6 ans  
  • 2/11 jumped 160 cm
  • 9/11 jumped > 135 cm
  • 8/11 jumped international Level

This  damline proved it's sucess with many horses. The best feature of this amazing line is the competitive brain she gives to all, that makes them not only strong competitors but winners. 


Surprise de Blondel, the mare of a life 

She has always been on the top of the French Young Horses championships 

She started the 7 Yo ranking when she had an injury that stopped her in the rise of success.

She has scope, brain and respect. 

She is the mare of our life, and now we wish that she will continue to give the best offsprings, in respect with her body and health, we are giving her the best retirement in Normandy that she deserves. Pascale Paumier

Surprise De Blondel, 15th best mare in the world (Hippomundo ranking)

8 products / 11 are jumping international level 


Why you should choose a Surprise offspring? 

- Best line in the world

- Fair prices

- Limited & ethical production


Date of birth 13-08-2024
Gender male implanted embryo
VAT 5.50%


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