FEMALE - V-CORETTA is QUARISMA DELLA CACCIA's mother (competing in 160cm with Bertram ALLE) but also CHOPIN DELLA CACCIA’s (Italian Champion 2022). She is the sister of two 160cm showjumpers and 2 approved stallions too. Quite the jumper maker!
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Sire : Emerald
Dam : V-Coretta
Date of transfert : 06/06/2023
Date of birth expected : 06/05/2024
Sexing : Female



Name : Demetra Canf
Race : Trotteur Français
Size : 160 cm
Age : 4 years old
Vaccination : ok
Location : Italy

Deposit of 3500 € returns after weaning in good health and shape.


V CORETTA already produced high level sport horses. Like QUARISMA DELLA CACCIA that shines under the great Bertram Allen saddle in 160cm classes. She is also CHOPIN DELLA CACCIA’s dam, which won the Italian young horse championship (150cm).

She produced 2 approved stallions:

  • TOLORD DELLA CACCIA, performed in 150cm classes. He is a lot requested for breeding,
  • Herbie Della Caccia which is approved for Si-Unire and SBS.

V-CORETTA conceived several young prospects successfully jumping their youngsters’ classes. Sherepresents the very best of DELLA CACCIA’s bloodline. 

She is also ACODETTO’s sister who jumped a 160cm CSI and Bull Run’s Alpha Omega ranked jumper.

As well as its excellent genetic make-up on the maternal side of the embryo, the paternal side is just as notorious with CHACCO BLUE pedigree and successful breeding.



Date of birth 06-05-2024
Gender female implanted embryo
VAT 10.00%


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